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Window Treatments in Bellport, NY

Hanging curtains or shades in your New York home can have a metamorphic effect on a room, lending warmth and attitude to a bleak area or obscure unfavorable views outside your window.

You can even deceive yourself and others that you have more space than you do by overstating the impression of your roof height.

However, working out which window treatment is suitable for your room can be complicated. What if the drapes do not suit the style windows that you have? What if there is no space on either side of your window? What if…?

Trying to treat your window can sometimes be a "pane," that's when you need to call in the experts like Coastal Window Fashions, Bellport, NY and rid your mind of all the worry.

Let our interior designers share their strategies for attiring an array of window styles and listen to your unique ideas to make the window treatment magic happen.

The Importance of Custom Window Treatments
We Bring the Showroom to You in Bellport NY

While buying stock window treatments might appear to be faster and cheaper, it could end up costing you more because you'll still have to replace them soon.

Getting custom window treatments will, however, prove to be a long-term investment.

At Coastal Window Fashions, Bellport, NY, we steer you through the whole strategy to guarantee that your fantasy windows will be attained, and your residence or business place is extraordinary.

Regardless of the job size, residential or commercial, our design consultants deal with you respectfully and observe your proposals.

If you are uncertain about how you want your window treatment done, our window fashion specialists are oozing with creativity and ready to design your dream window.

Measuring the windows yourself is a thing of the past. Our expert team at Coastal Window Fashion, Bellport, NY, has proficiency in evaluating and installing a large scope of custom window treatments, relieving you of the pressure.

Another reason custom window treatments are important is that the design will be second to none.

Regardless of the style or color, you desire, at your home or business, we can design it.

Coastal Window Fashions assists you with making the most of your living or office space to give it a spacious setting and manage the flow of light and cold or heat that comes in, allowing you to conserve energy.

We give you safe options for your children's safety too.

We use durable material and professional workmen to ensure you get long-lasting quality window treatments.

Window slats can get stained, and the tones can get distorted from the direct heat. When there's no lining to inhibit UV rays.

Overall, with the mastery and advice from your Coastal Window Fashions Bellport, NY team, your window treatment, and upholstery will be the envy of your neighbors.

Call us today at (631) 803-6625 for a consultation or visit our website for a quotation and let us customize your treatment solution for your dream windows.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best window treatment products at the lowest prices throughout Manhattan, Queens, Long Island and to Montauk Point. All window treatments, big or small, residential or commercial, get our full professional attention. Coastal Window Fashions is always on time, and always done right!

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Our window treatment professionals bring our showroom to you so we can find the perfect fashions to match your home’s decor.



We measure each space of installation to ensure all coverings fit like a glove and look as if it were always there.



With over 50 years of experience, you can rest assured while our specialists install each fashion with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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