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How to Ensure Your New Suffolk County Shutter Installation is a Success

Searching for a company that offers affordable, high-quality window shades in Cold Spring Harbor, NY? Is your search leaving you feeling unimpressed? These questions sound familiar to you? If so, then you’re in the right place! Over 50 years, Coastal Window Fashions has been beautifying the interiors and improving the functionality of Suffolk County properties. In addition to vertical blinds, we offer ready-to-order and custom-made window treatments of the highest quality. Our experts will help you select the perfect window fashions for your Suffolk County space, as well as install them expertly. Coastal Window Fashions goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations every time we are on the job, so you can feel confident you are working with a company that will always deliver what we promise.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Tips to Ensure Successful Interior Shutter Installation

The type of Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shades you use when remodeling your home often depends on the type of remodeling. In addition to providing a classic, elegant look that complements virtually any design, these window coverings provide architectural interest, are durable, easy to maintain, and offer excellent light filtration.

Consider these tips if you plan to install new shutters so the process is as smooth as possible and you are satisfied with the finished product.

Choose the Right Interior Shutters

In order to complete an interior shutter installation successfully, the shutter type must be chosen carefully. Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shades are available in a variety of styles, and each offers its own advantages. Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Plantation. Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shades with this style of louver have large slats that measure 2.5 to 5 inches wide, which give them a simple and understated, yet elegant and timeless look. Thanks to the large louvers, they allow for great airflow and light filtration when they’re opened, and when they’re closed, they do an excellent job of blocking out heat and humidity, while also ensuring privacy.
  • Louvered. This style of interior shutters features thinner louvers that overlap one another. The louvers are attached to the same frame and they can be either single- or double-height. Throughout the shutters, the slats are supported by horizontal supports that allow them to open and close at any angle. They’re ideal for ventilation and lighting, yet they also do a great job of insulating the windows when they’re closed.
  • Café-style. As the name suggests, these interior shutters are reminiscent of the windows in European cafes. Half-height shutters extend halfway up over the bottom of the window, leaving the top of the window unobstructed. They’re made of vinyl and are dimmable. Because the top part of the window remains uncovered, café-style shutters are a great choice if you want to ensure that your Suffolk County space receives ample amounts of sunlight. Since the middle and bottom of the window will be covered, these shutters do provide a good degree of privacy.

Some examples of different types of interior shutters can be found below. The other options include tier-on-tier, ovation, shaker, and norman. The option of custom shutters is also available. If you’re not sure what style is right for your Suffolk County space, a reputable Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shade retailer will be happy to assist you. Your specialist will explain the pros and cons of different styles and recommend the best choice for your situation. They can even assist you with designing custom shutters that will offer a one-of-a-kind look and function.


Setting a realistic budget, as well as choosing the right style, is essential to ensuring your shutter installation project is a success. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact price of these Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shades because several factors influence the price; the size, the style, and the materials, for example. It is generally observed that larger shutters made of natural hardwood and with complex designs (custom shutters, for instance) cost more than those made of composite materials, are smaller in size, and have a more simplistic style.

With that said, to avoid spending more than you can comfortably afford, it’s a good idea to set a budget before you start shopping. Decide how much you’d like to spend on the entire project and then you’ll have an easier time selecting styles and materials that will work with your budget. A reputable Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shade supplier will offer fair and affordable prices and will make sure that you get the highest quality shutter installation at a price that you can comfortably afford.

Prepare Your Space

Once you’ve decided on the type of shutters you’d like and you’ve made all of the arrangements with a Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shade supplier, you’ll want to prepare the space for your new shutter installation. Prior to the day they are scheduled to be installed, make sure that you clear everything out of the area. Remove any existing window treatments and repair any damages to the surrounding walls and casement. Paint might be another option. Additionally, you’ll want to pull furnishings that might be obstructing the area out of the way, so as to ensure that the shutter installation processional can easily access the space. A few days before your installation is scheduled, contact the Cold Spring Harbor, NY window shade supplier to confirm the appointment and to find out what time the technician will be arriving.

Taking the time to prepare before your new shutter installation will help to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact Coastal Window Fashions for Your Suffolk County Shutter Installation Needs

For the most beautiful, durable, and affordable interior shutters, contact Suffolk County’s shutter installation experts: Coastal Window Fashions. To schedule an in-home consultation, call 516-238-7299 or visit and we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and assist you with choosing the perfect interior shutters for your space.

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