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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing Wood Blinds on Your Nassau County Windows

Perhaps you’re redecorating a room in your Nassau County home or maybe you want to dress up your newly established business before you set up shop; whatever your situation may be, if you’re looking for new East Norwich, NY window shades, get in touch with Coastal Window Fashions. As a locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured window fashion retailer, we have been enhancing the interior design and improving the function of Nassau County properties for more than 50 years. From wood blinds to blackout shades and everything in between, we carry the largest selection of East Norwich, NY window shades and our professionally trained technicians will be more than happy to assist you with selecting the perfect window treatments for your space. With Coastal Window Fashions, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll receive outstanding results.

6 Great Benefits of Wood Blinds for Your Nassau County Home

Installing new East Norwich, NY window shades is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a dramatic change to the look of any room in your Nassau County home. When you’re shopping for new window coverings, however, you’ll quickly realize that there are so many different styles and designs to choose from, and while each type of window covering certainly offers benefits, there’s one option that you should seriously consider: wood blinds.

In recent years, wood blinds have become increasingly popular among Nassau County property owners. Here’s a look at six great reasons why you might want to consider installing them in your home, too.

Large Selection of Materials

Wood blinds are available in a variety of materials of both faux and natural wood materials. Examples of materials that faux wood blinds can be made of include PVC /vinyl, composite wood, or wood core, while natural wood blinds are often made of North American hardwoods, such as maple, walnut, and even cherry. A reputable East Norwich, NY window shade supplier will offer a large selection of both artificial and natural wood blinds. If they don’t have the blinds that you’d like in stock, they’ll be able to order them or they can work with a fabricator to create one-of-a-kind custom wood blinds that will be crafted just for you.

Endless Style and Color Options

A lot of people assume that the style and color options for wood blinds are limited; however, nothing could be further than the truth. In reality, wood blinds are available in an assortment of colors and styles. Examples of color options include ash, gray finish, maple, or even dark wood finishes, such as cherry or mahogany. The size and orientation of the slats can vary, too; for example, the slats can be wide and hung in a vertical fashion or they can be thin and positioned horizontally. Vertical, mini, roman, or cordless; when you shop with a leading East Norwich, NY window shade supplier, you’ll be able to find the perfect wood blinds to suit your unique taste and style.

Total Light Control

Light control is one of the primary functions of East Norwich, NY window shades, and with wood blinds, you’ll have excellent control over the amount of light that enters your Nassau County home. You can partially or completely cover the windows with the blinds and the slats can be fitted very closely together so as to prevent any light from being emitted through them. With wood blinds, you’ll have complete control over the lighting in the room the window coverings will be used in.

Easy Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is another major benefit that wood blinds provide. You’ll have no trouble clearing off any dust, dirt, or debris that builds up on the slats; just use a clean damp cloth or a duster as needed, and in no time, your blinds will look as good as the day you had them installed in your Nassau County home. You live such a busy lifestyle and spending what little free time you do have painstakingly cleaning your East Norwich, NY window shades is the last thing you want to do. With wood blinds, keeping your windows – and your entire interior décor – neat, clean, and tidy will be a total breeze.

Long-Lasting Durability

You want your East Norwich, NY window shades to last a long time, and with wood blinds, that’s exactly what you’ll receive. Very durably constructed and extremely easy to maintain, wood blinds will be able to easily withstand constant sun exposure, temperature fluctuations, moisture, dirt, and debris, so you can have confidence knowing that they’ll look great for years to come.

Extreme Versatility

Because wood blinds are available in so many different colors, materials, and styles, they’re one of the most versatile types of East Norwich, NY window shades. Country chic, rustic, modern, minimalist, art deco, contemporary, beach-inspired; no matter the style of the interior décor in your Nassau County home, you can rest assured that wood blinds will tie in beautifully and will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Looking for Top-Quality, Durable, and Affordable Wood Blinds in Nassau County?

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why wood blinds are so popular among Nassau County homeowners. For the largest selection of the finest quality wood blinds in an assortment of styles, colors, and materials, contact a leading East Norwich, NY window shade company: Coastal Window Fashions. For more information or to arrange for a free in-home consultation, call 516-238-7299 or visit and we’ll be more than happy to bring our showroom directly to you.

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