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6 Key Advantages of Nassau County Roller Shades

At Coastal Window Fashions, we offer a wide array of window shades and blinds for homes and businesses in Glenwood Landing, NY. Nassau County has been outfitting its homes and businesses with the highest-quality and most affordable window treatments for over 50 years. At Coastal Window Fashions, we offer the best aesthetically pleasing, functional, and affordable window shades for Glenwood Landing, NY homes.

6 Benefits of Nassau County Roller Shades

If you’re shopping for Glenwood Landing, NY window shades, here’s a look at six great reasons why roller shades are an option that you might want to consider choosing.

Simplistic Appearance

If you’d like your Glenwood Landing, NY window shades to be simplistic, yet stylish, roller shades are an excellent choice. Their sleek, minimalist design is aesthetically pleasing and will effortlessly enhance the look of any type of interior design. Whether your home has a rustic vibe, an art deco style, or your décor has a more modern appearance, roller shades will pull everything together and create a stunning look.

Limitless Designs

Until recently, roller shades were only available in white and off-white. There are so many unique patterns and colors available today for Glenwood Landing, NY window shades. They’re also made in a variety of materials, such as PVC, cotton, and even linen. From solid neutral colors to bold, colorful prints, with roller shades, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect window coverings to suit your taste and to complement the interior décor of your Nassau County home so you can create a truly personalized design.

Easy to Maintain

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There is a downside to many window treatments, especially vertical blinds that require dusting on both sides of each and every slat. Roman shades require extreme care when cleaning. Roller shades differ from that. During maintenance and cleaning, a simple wipe down is all that is required to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated on the flat surface. Usually, cleaning stains off of shades involves wiping them down with a clean, damp sponge. Of all the different types of Glenwood Landing, NY window shades, roller shades are one of the easiest to maintain.


There seems to be a modernization going on everywhere these days, including roller shades. Remote control options and smart roller shades can be purchased for your Nassau County home or business. These options allow you to open, close, and adjust your shades with just the push of a button. Modern roller shades are great for windows that are difficult to access, such as skylights or windows in difficult locations. With the simple push of a button, you’ll be able to instantly open and close the shades, adjust the amount of light that flows through the windows, and secure the privacy of the space the shades are used in.

Cost-Effective Options

Thanks to their simplistic design, roller shades of among the most affordable Glenwood Landing, NY window shades. Furthermore, these Glenwood Landing, NY window shades are designed thoughtfully and exceptionally well, ensuring that light-blocking capabilities won’t be compromised. Plus, because they are easy to operate and maintain, roller shades are bound to last longer than many other types of window coverings.

Increased Property Value

Believe it or not, the Glenwood Landing, NY window shades in your home can impact the value of your property. If you’re planning on selling your home or business in the future, roller shades are a great way to enhance the overall look and function of your Nassau County home, and the more aesthetically pleasing your home is, the more appealing it will be to prospective buyers, and as such prospective buyers may be apt to present a higher offer.

For the Largest Selection of Roller Shades in Nassau County, Contact Coast Window Fashions

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why roller shades are so popular among Nassau County property owners. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of roller shades or you’d like to explore the different types and styles that are available, contact a leading Glenwood Landing, NY window shade provider: Coastal Window Fashions. Call 516-238-7299 or visit and one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates will be more than happy to bring the showroom to you and assist you with selecting the perfect shades for your space.

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