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Window Treatment In North Massapequa

The Many Benefits of Window Coverings for Your Nassau County Home

For years, Coastal Window Fashions, a leading North Massapequa, NY custom window treatment supplier, has been supplying the business owners and homeowners of Nassau County and Nassau County with the largest selection of window coverings. Our North Massapequa window treatment professionals will bring our vast showroom to you so that we can take precise measurements and help you select the perfect window coverings for your space. Whether it’s a single room or an entire home or office, we bring personal attention to detail to each and every job we work on and are committed to providing superior quality results. Living room curtains, kitchen curtains, window shutters, and so much more; you can count on the team at Coastal Window Fashions for spectacular window treatment design.

Why Window Coverings are Such an Important Feature of Your Nassau County Home

When it comes to interior design, window coverings are an afterthought among many homeowners; however, they really deserve a lot more attention than they receive. Whether you’ve recently moved into a new space or you’re upgrading your interior design, here’s a look at the many benefits of North Massapequa, NY window treatments for your Nassau County home.

They Complete Your Interior Design

Window coverings help to complete the interior design of any room in your Nassau County home. They tie the wall and floor coverings, furniture, and decorative elements together to create a more cohesive look. Whether you opt for manufactured, ready-to-hang window coverings or North Massapequa, NY custom window treatments, there are a vast array of types, colors, styles, and materials to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find something that will compliment your interior décor and give any space a finished look.

They Provide Privacy

Windows are certainly an asset to your Nassau County home. They fill the interior of your house with beautiful natural light, they offer views of the outdoors, and they allow for much-needed airflow. However, despite the benefits that windows provide, the downside is that just like you can see out of them, people can see into them. When you want to prevent passersby from looking into the interior of your house, window coverings can help you do just that. Simply draw your North Massapequa, NY window treatments and you’ll have instant privacy.

They Provide Insulation

Cold winter winds and hot summer air can blow into your Nassau County homes through your windows – even when they’re closed. Window coverings provide a layer of insulation over your windows and can maintain comfortable interior temperatures. There are several types of window coverings that are particularly good at insulating, such as cellular shades, drapes made of thick fabrics, roman shades, and solar shades. With the assistance of a North Massapequa, NY window treatment professional, you’ll be able to select window coverings that will not only provide insulation, but that will also be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the look of your interior design.

The Protect Your Furnishings

While windows fill your Nassau County home with natural light, sunlight can ravage your furnishings. The harsh UV rays of the sun can warp wood and fade fabrics, and with constant exposure over a prolonged period of time, your furniture, floor coverings, paintings and pictures, and even the paint or wallpaper on your walls can sustain serious and potentially irreversible damages. By covering your windows with curtains, drapes, shutters, or even sheers, you can regulate the amount of sunlight, filter out UV rays, and prevent your furnishings from becoming damaged.

They Help You Save Money

Believe it or not, window coverings can help you save money. Because they insulate your windows, they can improve the energy efficiency of your Nassau County home, reduce your fuel consumption, and cut the cost of your utility bills. Plus, if your windows are particularly old and drafty, covering them with curtains or drapes is a lot more affordable than brand new windows. Plus, North Massapequa, NY window treatments filter out sunlight and help to prevent your furnishings from being damaged, so you can avoid the expense of repairing or replacing your furniture, linens, floor and wall coverings, and decorative accents. When you take all of these factors into consideration, window curtains, shutters, and shades can help you save a pretty substantial amount of money.

They Offer Peace of Mind

Last, but certainly not least, window coverings can promote peace of mind. Thanks to the privacy they offer, you can relax in comfort without having to worry about prying eyes looking into your Nassau County home. Since they can enhance the comfort and improve the energy efficiency of your house, because they can prevent your furniture and decorative elements from being damaged, and because they can help to cut your expenses, North Massapequa, NY window treatments can certainly put your mind at ease.

The Team at Coastal Window Fashions Can Help You Find the Perfect Window Coverings for Your Nassau County Home

To take advantage of all of the above-mentioned benefits, get in touch with a premier North Massapequa, NY custom window treatment supplier. The team at Coastal Window Fashions can help you select the perfect curtains, drapes, shutters, valances, sheers, or any other type of treatment for your home. To request a free price quote and schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates, call 631-803-6625 or visit today!

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Our window treatment professionals bring our showroom to you so we can find the perfect fashions to match your home’s decor.



We measure each space of installation to ensure all coverings fit like a glove and look as if it were always there.



With over 50 years of experience, you can rest assured while our specialists install each fashion with the utmost care and attention to detail.

What Coastal WindoW Fashions Can Do For You

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best window treatment products at the lowest prices throughout Manhattan, Queens, Long Island and to Montauk Point. All window treatments, big or small, residential or commercial, get our full professional attention. Coastal Window Fashions is always on time, and always done right!

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